Hi, I’m {Felix, fkarg, pars}.


With what I write, I want to provide value for others, not for myself. While I don’t think that any of this will be directly useful to you, I wish to give you some context around my other pieces of text. This context may be of value to you. You might notice how some of this context shapes my writing, and be less directly influenced as a result. Or, you could find something to talk to me about. Or maybe you are just curious who is behind all of this.

I would count any of these as a win.


  • 1998 Born in Aichach, a small city in Germany/Bavaria.
  • 2009? My grandfather gifted me a Computer. I could finally code all night long
  • 2012 Bought my own computer with money earned from babysitting my siblings and delivering newspapers
  • 2014 Got in contact with my local Hacker space, OpenLAB Augsburg
  • 2015 Got in contact with the Chaos Computer Club at the Easterhegg, Camp, and Congress and feeling very comfortable
  • 2016 Completed school and enrolled for Computer Science at University Freiburg
  • 2017 Regularly attended the Curry Club Augsburg
  • 2019 Concluded my Bachelors and moved to Karlsruhe for a Masters at the KIT
  • 2019 Registered as a Freelancer
  • 2020 Started KA Rationality with a friend


There is a number of things that comprise my identity. Among these are:

  • student of rationality/optimizer (I try to improve and optimize everything around me, but try to spend the least amount of time possible doing so)
  • curious (I want to know about everything I come across, and can be nerd sniped quite easily …)
  • humble (I know what I’m capable of. I don’t know and can’t do everything - nor do I intend to)
  • problem solver and computer scientist (I love to code and solve complicated mathematical problems)
  • avid reader (I try to read about a book a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less)
  • science enthusiast (I’m very much a fan of progress and new inventions)
  • space enthusiast (I’m closely following the development of Starship and other Rockets)
  • technology enthusiast (Do you ever marvel at the sight of a complex technological system functioning? I do. It’s always awesome. Until it stops working. Then I love solving the problem)
  • writer (You can see this blog. It helps me to express myself and relax)
  • enjoyer of beauty (Who doesn’t like seeing a beautiful sunrise or scenery?)
  • theorizer (Remember the most abstract math class or theoretical computer science? Yeah, I find that beautiful)
  • physically fit (I’m regularly exercising, be it through dancing, running, or other activities)
  • responsible (I either fully own something or not. As much as I’m allowed/able to take full responsibility of a problem, anyway)
  • stoic (Or at least I try to be. I still have a long way to go)

But, the most important to me are:

  • helping others (That’s where I’m getting most of my energy from, and want to be remembered for. I’ll gladly help you any way I can, given I have a free minute)
  • doing meaningful work (I want to make progress on something for the betterment of society)
  • working with others (being part of a capable team and facing meaningful challenges together)
  • honesty (The only thing worse than actual lying is misrepresentation by omission)
  • integrity (These are my values and my identity - I will stand up for them, but they’re not unlikely to change eventually)

It would be awesome of you if you could help me improve by giving me anonymous feedback: https://www.admonymous.co/fkarg

Personal Mission Statement

After reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, I created my personal mission statement. Here it is:

Exploration and Excellence in Education and Entrepreneurship.

Exploration is challenging ideas and hypothesis constantly, leaving no stone unturned. Always striving to learn something new and understanding it better. Every failure is an opportunity to learn something.

Excellence is attempting to achieve the best result possible given the available constraints, information and resources. This also means to take full ownership of anything affecting my destiny. Uncertainty is part of reality, and the biggest risk of all is not taking any.

Education is about learning and teaching. I’m curious to a fault, and want to learn just about everything. I also want to help others understand something when I can – e.g., by writing good documentation.

Entrepreneurship is to face meaningful challenges with a capable team. It is about everything where the goal is bigger than myself. This encompasses both my activities at voluntary associations or the student council, as well as my working student position or freelancer activities.

If I do something, I want to do it well. Education will have a substantial impact on the future, and I want to contribute where possible.

Ka Rationality

I’ve been reading LessWrong for a while now after recognizing the value of the art of rationality from HPMOR. Essentially: learn a lot, and use whatever helps you - discard everything else. Following this, I’ve attended a number of meetups (e.g. the LWCW 2019 in Berlin) and interacted with other members from the community.

In September 2020, a friend from Berlin helped me establish contact with Marcus, who would start his doctors in Karlsruhe soon. We met up and talked about creating a local rationality meetup. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we decided for it to be online-only for the time being – which it mostly still is.

A few months ago, we wrote down what we learned.


You can find more of my projects on my GitHub page, especially those I’m not being paid for. If you have something interesting, feel free to contact me.

Questions? Thoughts?

No comments here. That would be too weird. This is too personal. Just email me.

(You might be interested in what I’m up to now or give me feedback)

Edit: last updated on 2021-10-28