Hi, I’m {Felix, fkarg, pars}.


I’m a Computer Science student, as well as science and space enthusiast. I’m a student of Rationality, and an avid reader, among other things.

Self-Improvement is part of my core being, more than a lot of other things. Enthusiasm to help and work with other people is probably second. And then there is a lot of interconnected ones.

It would be awesome of you if you could help me improve by giving me anonymous feedback: https://www.admonymous.co/fkarg.

Personal Mission Statement

After reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, I created my personal mission statement. Here it is:

Exploration and Excellence in Education and Entrepreneurship.

Exploration is pretty straightforward: figuring out new things continuously, constantly exploring unknown topics as well as testing and validating new methods and ways of instrumental rationality.

Excellence is to attempt to get the best possible result given the available constraints, information and resources. Resources include both monetary and human as well as technical resources - whatever is available. This also means to take ownership of the situation and lead.

Education is about teaching others. I noticed that I really enjoy teaching (I’ve been tutor for over two years), and regularly do presentations about a variety of topics. Most of them can be found here.

Entrepreneurship includes both my freelancer and startup activities as well as everything else that results in me earning money.

If I do something, I want to do it well. Improving education can have a substantial impact on the future, and I want to contribute where possible.

I’m striving to better the world, for better or worse, for at least I have to try.


While my primary activity is being a computer science student, I do a bit of freelancing on the side, getting to know a number of awesome people and technologies.

You can also request me as part of a team through the Student Consulting Agency delta I am a member of.


Being a freelancer has its perks: you get to work at very interesting projects sometimes. Due to NDAs this list is necessarily incomplete. Things I’ve worked on in the past:

  • Consulting for very-early-stage startups
  • Consulting a trade school in Karlsruhe about increasing the resilience of their digital infrastructure and systems in a team through delta
  • Writing and maintaining a number of ansible roles
  • Python Script to consolidate distributed changelog patchfiles in one changelog file, to avoid merge conflicts
  • Python script using ansible to create ‘template’-repositories, which can ease changing/adding of build dependencies for very similar build pipelines
  • Kodi-based media center to be controlled from a tablet and playing certain videos on a 4K monitor to be used in Hotels based on raspberry pi’s
  • NetLogo simulation of carbon certificate trading (part of an analysis which resulted in a scientific paper)
  • Python script to automatically create organizations, teams and users in gitea over the API. The API-Library can be found here.
  • Python script to cache and calculate certain stock market metrics based on historical data <!–
  • Sometimes I participate in Hackathons and received prices:
    • Google Hashcode 2018: disqualified after first round
    • Baselhack 2017: 3rd Place
    • Jugend Hackt Berlin 2016: No prices were handed out
    • Jugend Hackt Ulm 2016: Aha-Moment
    • Jugend Hackt Berlin 2015: Best Code
    • Jugend Hackt Ulm 2015: Best Code –>

You can find more of my projects on github, especially those I’m not being paid for. If you have something interesting, feel free to contact me.

(You might want to read my introductory post here)