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I moved to Karlsruhe in October 2019 to do my Master’s degree in Computer Science. Maybe I’ll be done in 2023. I really enjoy being a student, listening to lectures, and learning.


I have a working student job at heliopas.ai as backend developer and data scientist. I’m also working on projects as a freelancer on the side.

I’m working with Python/django, TypeScript/node, docker and other technologies.


I’m publishing about one post every month. Most of them are book reviews. Other posts are about my thoughts and digital setup.


I’m reading about one nonfiction book every month, taking notes. Sometime later, I write a review about it.


I really enjoy dancing (Latin and Standard), which I started again a few weeks ago.

Rationality Meetup

I’m an active member of Karlsruhe Rationality, a weekly meetup to talk about character development, transhumanism, how to make better decisions, the future, and many other things with very smart people. You can find our group schedule and public meetings here.

You might also be interested in my about page.

Edit: last updated on 2021-10-03