Starting a Rationalist Meetup during Lockdown

Authors: fkarg (post on LessWrong), crtltab, wilm Backstory and Intentions In October 2020, wilm moved to Karlsruhe and was disappointed by the lack of a local LessWrong community. In order to change this, he reached out to fkarg and together they decide to try to establish a LW Meetup Group... [Read More]
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Shattering Illusion

when you see shards of reality

Most of the time, we don’t want to see reality. Even more often than that, our brain doesn’t let us perceive reality. But sometimes - sometimes, reality pierces through and shatters our illusions. These moments are harsh. The struggle is real: why does it have to be like this. No... [Read More]
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Book: 12 Rules for Life

an antidote to chaos

Review of “the most influential public intellectual’s” bestseller, according to the New York Times. I got the book in early January and read it in the latter half of April 2020. I also bought the second part, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, recently. The main reason I bought... [Read More]