Book: Extreme Ownership

How US Navy Seals Lead and Win

Review of Jocko Willink and Leif Babins ‘absolute best and most useful leadership book’. The harsh take on responsibility and leadership resonated with me. This is a book for everyone looking to broaden their perspective on these topics, it certainly helped me. I received this book as a birthday present,... [Read More]
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The Art & Science of Getting Stuff Done

Will Pembles ‘practical guide to successful business leadership.’ I received a hand-signed, personally addressed copy from Will Pemble after attending a coaching seminar during CloudFest 2019. I only read the book in late 2019. It helped me understand critical aspects of high-performance teams better. Similarities to Getting Things Done (GTD)... [Read More]
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Book: Ego is the Enemy

The Fight to Master Our Greatest Opponent

Review of Ryan Holidays ‘valuable book for those in positions of authority’. I bought this book together with Amy Branns Make Your Brain Work in late July. While I was purely curious about the other, I’ve heard about Ryan Holiday before, and read reviews about this book. Noticing that I... [Read More]
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