A few things about me

Hello there. My human friends call me Felix, computers usually one of {fkarg, felix, pars}. Feel free to call me Felix :)

While I do study Computer Science at a university, almost all areas of science interest me.

I’m familiar with some programming languages, so yes, I can code. You can find some of my public projects here - I received money for creating some of them, but most money-generating ones are (sadly) private.

Self-Improvement is part of my core being, more than a lot of other things. Enthusiasm to help people is probably second. And then there is a lot of interconnected ones - I won’t list them all, but here is a few:

  • I’m a leader. In some teams the only one, in others not the primary one.
  • I aspire to be excellent in everything I do - sometimes that means to get things to a working state first.
  • I’m struggling, but most things I do are for the long-term.
  • I’m a mostly healthy and fitness-oriented person, though I’m always up for a beer with friends.

The Idea

The goal is to cogitate - to think carefully and seriously about something.

You may know this feeling. When reading through an article of sorts on a random news website, or even a physical book: You want to think about this more. Explore this idea further, that was just presented to you. Sometimes there’s the option to comment. But sometimes this just doesn’t cut it. Partially, the blog was created for those cases. Cases, where my thoughts are a bit more than would fit in a comment. Or, more accurately: should fit. This includes my Book reviews, thoughts about lesswrong and an upcoming series on replication.

About other things, I have a different feeling. A desire to share something with the world. A desire for other people to understand a certain concept better. Usually, because understanding it helped me a lot - and while just understanding it might not improve your situation, it might just be something to help you later on. Nothing of the like is published yet, but series on ‘neutrality’ and ‘happy death spirals’ are in the works.


I’m not an expert about every topic I’ll be writing about, and some of what I’ll write about is only speculation on my side - I may be wrong. I may be wrong about a lot of things. So please feel free to comment, ask for clarification or give feedback. It is very much appreciated!

What is in for you

I don’t have the answer for that. It might be nothing - or a lot! Take what you deem useful, and disregard the rest.

Feel free to take a look, and your attention will probably do the rest. My best post is probably Improving Everyday Life, at least until either of the aforementioned series is published.

I don’t know where this will take me, or you. Here we go.


  • 2020-06-26: Considerable rewrite, improved descriptions and got much more accurate about current and upcoming content.
  • 2020-09-04: Fixed some grammar mistakes